About Me

Hi Readers 🙂

My name is Cut Vera Putri Muranda.I was born in Aceh 16 years ago (1995).I made this blog because of my ICT teacher,Pak Arman Syah.Thank you for him because i learned a  lot of things in this project.Thank you so much pak :).

Right now,I’m member of Sman Sumsel Sampoerna Academy student.This year,I’m sitting in eleven graders (2011/2012),especially in XI Science One Class.I’ve met the amazing and super students in it.They are smart,briliance,excellent,integrity,collegiality,emphaty,innovative,accontability,patriotism,respect and also courages.

If you want to know more about them,open my Friends menu 🙂
Enjoy reading it.



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